Oil Pastels, Music, and iPads make for a very fun art project!

1st grade students were learning about the difference between geometric and organic shapes. We discussed where on a lion's face could we use both types of shapes then student began to draw their lions with oil pastels.

We even enjoyed listening to Katy Perry's "Roar" while we worked. That made it even better!

When our lions were finished we were not quite done. We talked about what would make us roar. Would we roar when we were feeing happy, sad, mad, silly?

Using the iPad app Morfo students were able to bring their lions to life.

Mrs. Neels' Class - 

Ms. Engstrom's Class - 

Kindergarten students are learning about Primary Colors. Primary Colors are red, yellow, and blue. They are very special colors because they can mix to make new colors but - you can't make a Primary color. 

We are using our Primary colors in a few different projects but we really got our hands messy with this one! Handshake Color Mixing.

We talked about why you would shake hands with someone and we practiced that. "Hello. Nice to meet you!" "Hi! My name is....."   Then each pair of students selected a primary color and I painted it on their hands. They then shook hands again. This time the paint mixed together on their hands and created a Secondary color! We printed our hands onto a white paper before cleaning up our creatively, messy hands! 

PictureColorful Plains
5th Grade students reviewed line quality in a work of art while creating these landscape paintings with Zentangle inspired lines.

Students first sketched out their landscape as we talked about using a horizon line and different levels of ground. They were then able to paint their landscapes with a creative color scheme. 
Once painting was dry, students reviewed line quality and watched a couple videos on zentangle drawings and then they began to fill the sections of their painting with different lines. Most of the lines were drawing using colored pencils. Some were done using black marker.

Zentangle Zoosies
The Dark Night Sky

See more of these works in our Artsonia Gallery.

Students in Mrs. Heckenkamp's class worked created some awesome looking Zentangle Pumpkins!

They spent quite a long time on them filling each pumpkin with a variety of lines and designs inspired by Zentangle art. 

Curious about Zentangles? Take a look at one of the videos the kids viewed before creating their pumpkin zentangles. 

When they finished their works of art, they wrote their first Artist Statement of the year. This included creating a title for their artwork. These were attached to the back. 
Pumpkin Mania
"It reminds me of the time I went to a pumpkin patch. It makes me happy."
Pumpkins at Sunset
"Well, I started to draw pumpkins and is started coming together. It created the piece of work I made." 
"I liked drawing the Zentangle lines in the pumpkins. It was fun. I didn't really like making the pumpkins."

See more of our Zentangle Pumpkins on our Artsonia Gallery

1st Grade students spent Friday's class painting papers! It's a messy but super fun thing to do in Art. 

We were learning about Author and Illustrator Eric Carle and how he does his illustrations. He paints his own papers and then uses them in his collage illustrations. 

Next week this class will be using their painted papers to create a collage inspired by Eric Carle's Very Busy Spider. 

Mrs. Tague's class began painting their own Starry Night pictures today inspired by Vincent Van Gogh. Even though they just started them I can already see some very creative things!
A Starry Night Over a Colt's Game!
Third grade students are learning a little about artist Vincent Van Gogh. We took a look at some of his paintings paying special attention to the lines we saw in them. Students took turns drawing them on the Smartboard. 
Then we discussed what kind of Starry Night picture we might choose to make. A starry night over our house, a farm, a football field were just some of the ideas they came up with. Students spent the last part of class sketching out their own version of Starry Night. Next class we will begin painting - Yay!

Mrs. Heckenkamp's & Mrs. Bennett's students took a chalk cupcake drawing they did and turned them into beautiful, fun digital works of art! We used iPad apps - Percolator and PhotoTropedelic.

I was in Texas at the National Art Education Association Convention! 
That's a great big event where about 5000 art teachers attend workshops and presentations to help them continuously improve themselves and their teaching. Teachers and leaders in the Art Education field share ideas, lessons, art materials, and most importantly - their creative passion to teach the love of Art to all their students. I attended many sessions where I learned some new things, was reminded of things I've forgotten, and was generally inspired.

One of the best parts of going to this National Conference was the chance to meet in person people who help me be a better teacher every day. These people are members of my PLN. A PLN is a Professional Learning Network. We call our PLN the #Arted PLN. The hashtag (#) is a symbol that is placed before a word on Twitter that allows people to find others talking about that word. Twitter is the main place my PLN communicates with each other, but not the only place. We also connect on Facebook, Google +, and websites like ArtEd.2.0.ning.com. In all these places we help each other with lesson ideas, questions, teaching strategies, and technology. We collaborate on projects. We share cool things we come across, and best of all brag about what awesome things are students are doing. The power of a PLN is great. Together we make a Super impact on our students. The goofy picture above is part of my #Arted PLN posing like our Lego selves. You see...along with being art teachers...we are creative artists who like to have fun with Art. One teacher in our group spent part of her snow day making us out of Legos. So when we all got together we had a chance to recreate that in real life. Silly huh?  The shirts we are wearing are another way we showed our silly creative sides. We believe that all teachers are Super Heros - so we have Super shirts with our Twitter names on them.

If I've looked a bit tired this week, it's because I was very busy at this conference. Every day from 8 in the morning until 6 at night there were workshops and presentations to go to. I was rushing from one to another so I wouldn't miss out on any great ideas. I enjoyed almost all of the sessions I went to. A couple made me want to take a little nap. After those I would try and take in some of the warm Texas weather to wake myself up a bit so I could head to the next session. I'm a life-long learner and am always looking for new ideas and better ways of teaching my students or making my own artwork better. I will share a bit about some of the things I learned in another post.

The Coolest part was getting to present a session with another teacher on using iPads in the Art Room. I loved sharing the some of the creative ways we have used our iPads. 
Here's a sneak peek at the presentation Mrs. Fuglestad and I did on Saturday. I will blog more about what I shared in this presentation in another post. 

Another Awesome thing about this Conference is the Vendor Exhibit Hall. This is a huge room with all kinds of Art supplies, videos, books, lesson ideas, and artwork being displayed for everyone to see. The companies that we get our supplies from are there to show us new and old things, to let us see things up close, to talk about their products, to let us try the art materials out, and best of all - To Give Us Samples!!! The picture on the right shows all the goodies I came home with. Not all free, but most! There is a couple things in there that I purchased to try out or to support a good cause.


Students in Mrs. Kipp's, Mrs. Timmer's and Mrs. Stenger's class created these wacky birds! 

Before painting our fun birds, students learned about color and value. We discussed what tints and shades were. A tint is when white is added to a color to make it lighter. A shade is when black is added to a color to make it darker. Students went on the hunt for 3 colors and tints and shades of those colors. I have a ton of paint chip cards from the old Menards store. We rummaged through all these wonderfully colored cards to find what was needed. Students saved their selections in a plastic baggie for future use.
We painted fun bird bodies and feet..

leaving room for legs made up of our paint chips of different values of color

See more of our finished Wackadoodle birds on Artsonia!